Hey there,

I'm Uche.

Uchechukwu (uuh-che-chu-kwuh) Onyeka (he/him) is a designer, content creator, and community advocate; who unconsciously began his career at the back of the classroom in 2017, skipping Further Maths lessons to illustrate for money on Corel Draw5.

He is currently a Product Design Intern at Facebook London working with the Workplace Team.

Uche is a founding member of the On Deck Designer Fellowship — a global, remote program for ambitious designers who want to hone their skills, increase their impact, and grow as leaders.

Uche is a Nigerian designer—with a mission to create spaces where African designers have access to opportunities and resources that enable them scale up and compete fairly with their global peers.

Some Fun Facts;

I have probably watched Friends, The Office, Big Bang Theory, & How I Met Your Mother like 10 times over.

I have been to 5 African countries and counting; Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda & Ghana.

I’ve designed products across 10 different spaces; Healthcare / Telemedicine, Fin-Tech, AgriTech, Mental Health, Time Budgeting, Consulting, Beauty, Logistics & Courier, Food Delivery & Social Media.

I love pizza, but I can't process cheese

My happy place would be lying on a hammock in the backyard reading a book with a glass of wine.

In my free time I’m;

Speaking with junior African designers, increasing access to jobs, encouraging visibility, & supporting with resources needed to scale up.

Taking an in-depth look at design internships, sharing experiences, and empowering junior voices.  

Living boldly through design Youtubers and would probably start vlogging soon.

Struggling to catch up with Slack and Discord threads for all my design communities.

My Spotify Playlist;

Ultimate Vibes  — music to listen to while you work. No lyrics, just music.

Turn it up with some Hot Hits from Naija

Mix in some AmaPiano Grooves - top vibes from Southern Africa

Listen to Femke and Charli on their Podcast -  Design Life

Have you lived if you've not jammed igbo highlife? - Egwu Ndi Igbo

Uche sitting on a hill on an island in Kigali, Rwanda.

This doesn't have to end here

If you'd like to work together, or make any further inquiries, or just looking to connect?

Let's talk about anything.

Send me an email

Send me an email